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Everyone's relationships are different. 

Relationships are all about talking and communication.

They're about compromise and finding ways to be together that are good for everyone involved.

There are no 'rules' but we should always respect each other's feelings and opinions.

Help with relationships

Many relationships hit a rocky patch at some point.
If you'd just like to talk about what's happening or are looking for help as a couple, contact Relationships Scotland.
Assistance is available all over Scotland.
You can also call the Relationship Helpline free on 0808 802 2088.

Abusive relationships

Everyone has the right to their own feelings and opinions. 
Nobody should ever be forced into doing something they don't want to do - no matter how strongly the other person feels about it.
Use of physical force, violence, threats or emotional tricks (like insulting people or putting them down all the time) are all forms of abuse.  
While it's true that most abusers are men, men can be abused too.
If this is happening to you, you're worried it's happening to someone else, or you are an abused and want to change, contact the Scottish Domestic Abuse Helpline free on 0800 027 1234
Women's Aid Argyll and Bute also give support and advice to women and children experiencing abuse - visit the Women's Aid Argyll and Bute website.

Past abuse

The experience of abuse can affect people emotionally and physically for many years afterwards.
If you've been physically or sexually abused in the past, you can find local and national help support via the help pages of the Survivor Scotland website.