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Parents & Carers

It can be hard to know what to say to our children about sex - or what to do if they encounter problems.

Talking with your child or teenager about relationships and sexual health is a good thing.

Talking to your child or teenager about growing up, feelings and sexual health isn’t always easy.  It is great if they have come to you with a question:
  • Try to keep the lines of communication open and welcome conversation.
  • Tell them that it is good to talk.  
  • Keep to the facts and don’t make things up.
  • Try to answer what they ask.

The following resources are available to help you.

For further help and support on a range of parenting issues including pregnancy and sexual health issues for young people, visit the Parenting Across Scotland website,
You can also call ParentLine Scotland free on 0800 028 2233.


The following books are available from Argyll and Bute Library Service and from School Nurses for you or your young person to borrow. 
These books can help get the conversation started and are useful to look up answers to questions.
Hi New Baby! How are babies made? Mummy Laid an Egg!
by Robbie Harris - For ages 3+ For ages 3+ by Babette Cole - For 8-10s
Illustrated story for a young child who has or about to have a new baby in the family. Follows the progress of a baby as it grows towards birth and beyond, with cartoon style illustrations and flaps that lift to reveal facts and surprises. Explores amusing myths about how babies are made and finishes with the basic facts.
Hair in Funny Places Let's Talk About Where Babies Come From Let's Talk About Sex
by Babette Cole - For ages 9+ by Robbie Harris by Robbie Harris
For children about to start puberty, this book covers the basic changes in the body, hormones and physical development. Suitable for both boys and girls. Answers children's questions about bodies, love, sexual reproduction and families. Also covers the topics of adoption, abortion, being male or female, safety, appropriate touching, family relationships and HIV/AIDS. Thorough, frank and up-to-date information on all aspects of growing up, puberty, sex and sexual health.  This book contains information on sexual orientation, contraception, the law and decisions about sex. 

Parenting courses

Ask your Health Visitor about parenting courses and talking to your child or young person about sexual health and relationships.